No Facebook HTC phone

Brian Turner

January 27, 2011

Facebook has come out to publicly deny that they are developing a “Facebook phone” with Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer HTC.

Rumours of a branded Facebook phone have been circulating for some months now, with the most recent suggesting that HTC were developing two high-end smart phones on the Android OS.

However, today Dan Rose, Facebook’s head of business development, tried to quash the latest speculation.

He indicated that HTC were simply using Facebook’s public API’s, and added, “The rumours around there being something more to this HTC device are overblown.”

While Facebook is working hard with mobile manufacturers to improve accessibility and usability with Facebook, both normal service and apps, there are no official plans for a branded Facebook mobile device.

No doubt some will remain sceptical of the denial - after all, Google remained adamant for years that no Google-branded phone was on its way - until shortly before releasing the Nexus.

However, at present the danger is that Facebook is surrounded by too much hype, and too much speculation.

While it remains the world’s most popular social networking website, and is working hard on making its services as widely available as possible, trends over recent years have suggested that any social network website can enjoy temporary popularity at best.


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  1. Piers says:

    I think HTC are Taiwanese, not S. Korean.

  2. Brian Turner says:

    Apologies, Piers, you’re quite right - now corrected. :)

  3. Piers says:

    No probs. Please delete my comments if you can. No need for them anymore :)

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