Blackberry messanger 6 rumoured to include gaming

January 28, 2011

Rumours are afloat that the popular Blackberry’s new Messenger 6 may include social gaming for the first time.

The Blackberry messenger in its self is simply a SMS service which allows Blackberry users to have group SMS chats, and share pictures. Only Blackberry users can activate this function.

Of course, if this where true, then the application would be supporting a larger group list. So far messenger has mainly been used for business, thoughgamers will now be taking up the space.

However, this being said, it doesn’t mean a new or modern OS is required. Chances are it will only require Blackberry OS 5, assuming the rumours are true.

According to reports, Messenger 6 users can use their user name as a gamer tag, and it will show up on their status when tasks are completed in the games.

RIM has been criticized for its lack of Blackberry gaming in the past, and the decision to use older processors and neglect fast graphics has led people to stray towards their competition, purchasing Androids or iPhones.

There is no word yet as to when the app may be available, but it seems RIM are finally broadening their horizons.


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