Facebook could soon have a voice call feature

January 28, 2011

After a leaked image from the social networking site, ‘Facebook’, it has been speculated that Facebook may be working on a new voice calling feature.

The leaked image showed a ‘call’ button beside the chat icon on a users profile. Apparently the icon only appeared for a moment before disappearing once more.

After the image was leaked on ‘The Daily What’, Facebook has invited press to attend an event on Monday, and they plan to make a major announcement.

In September, rumours began to speculate on a Facebook and Skype partnership.

Users can already post upon Facebook and view friends via Skype already, but there has not been any type of voice call feature before.

Now however, rumours are flying all around about a full on partnership. So far though, nothing has been confirmed by Facebook or Skype.

The image does not mean that Facebook must be working with Skype though. It is very possible that they are working with a separate VoIP system.


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