Sony reveal the PlayStation Suite

January 28, 2011

The release of the PSP2 (codename NGP) has finally arrived and Sony has revealed today that it will be a cross platform, thanks to the new PlayStation Suite for Android.

The PlayStation Suite is a service which will allow users to play PlayStation games on Android devices according to Sony, and in turn the simpler Android games will be available to play on the NGP.

So far the PlayStation Suite only plays older PlayStation games, designed for the original PS1. But in time more up to date games should become available.

Also, the PlayStation Suite will only be available for Android 2.3 or higher, mainly making it a tablet app. Since few Smart phones use Android 2.3, this could very well persuade more people to upgrade their handsets.

At a conference in Tokyo today, Kaz Hirai from Sony announced, “Today we are announcing PlayStation Suite,”

“It extends the PlayStation experience beyond. It’s our first cross platform and it will offer PlayStation content for Android. It will also ensure PlayStation quality across various devices.”


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  1. FC360 says:

    allow games to play PlayStation games on Android devices… why would a game want to play another game? lol

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