Manchester airport employs hologrammatic staff

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Manchester airport is to use holograms in the security search area of Terminal 1.

Two members of the security staff there have been cloned in hologram form, and programmed to repeat a spiel about liquid restrictions, an often confusing matter that holds up queues considerably.

The idea is that pre-warning passengers in such a manner – and reminding them to have boarding cards ready – will speed up the progress of the queue.

The holograms were produced by a company called Musion, the Manchester Confidential reports, and they use the same technology which “virtual” band the Gorillaz employs to create on-stage performances.

Of course, another advantage of hologrammatic security is you’ll be able to crack a bit of a light-hearted joke about not having packed your bag, without being shuffled off into a side-room…

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  1. Colin Cunningham says:

    Wouldn’t a full size cut-out of say Homer Simpson (plus the recorded message) have been cheaper and just as effective?

  2. peddersuk says:

    Why not using just a tv screen? Would do exactly the same.

  3. Jerry says:

    It’s not a hologram, it’s just a back projection.. A hologram would be a 3D image - this uses a simple DLP projector in 2D.

    I expect you call TV “that new fangled moving picture radio” too..

  4. Tim says:

    A pair of Star Wars Storm Troopers firing their blasters at anyone who dares go through security carrying a potentially dangerous bottle of Evian might get the message across better.

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