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January 31, 2011

Dead Space 2 film will not be rushed claims Ian Milham

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by Tom Coyne

The creators of the science fiction/horror game ‘Dead Space 2′ have been in the process of creating an animated film for some time now, however Ian Milham, the co-creator and art director of the game, has stressed that the film will not be rushed.

There has been much discussion upon the issue, but Milham has insisted that the production goes slowly and smoothly. This is on order to get everything perfect and not disappoint fans.

The Dead Space franchise already has graphic novels, games, toys, and soundtracks out on the market, with fans insisting that Dead Space is more then just a game.

Milham has stated that there is no current plan to create a live action movie, though the concept has been discussed.

He also believes that eventually gaming will become as accepted by the mainstream as films are. The Dead Space film would be just one step closer to making that possible.

The game Dead Space 2 has just been released on Friday the 28th of January.

It has been said that the Dead Space budget is comparable to that of a big Hollywood film, with lots of time and effort gone into making everything as perfect as possible.

Story link: Dead Space 2 film will not be rushed claims Ian Milham

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  1. Dead space Downfall and Aftermath gave us the events that occured before Isaac stepped in, and what happened leading up to dead Space 2.

    This should be interesting, i’ll wait for the trailer.

    Comment by NiNJA — January 31, 2011 @ 5:00 pm

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