PS3 games will soon be able to be saved on cloud

February 1, 2011

A recent report from Kotaku has stated that Playstation 3 gamers will soon be able to save their game data remotely to cloud.

This will of course save a lot hardware space, and will allow players to access their saved game data from other Playstation 3 consoles.

Sony has already started to brief developers about the cloud storage feature that they have called ‘Online saving’, a simple but explanatory name.

They have given developers the option of opting out of the cloud saving feature, so it is highly possible that only certain games may be saved to cloud.

The new PSP2, dubbed the NGP, will also be able to use cloud for storage, although only Playstation plus subscribers can actually access the feature.

There had been rumours of remote storage for Playstation plus before its reveal, and there was also a Sony trade mark for ‘PS cloud’ in 2009, so it makes sense to reveal the new saving system now.

The feature will be incorporated into PS3 firmware update 3.60.


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