New Firefox builds soon to have opt-in anti-tracking

Tom Coyne -

Mozilla’s new Firefox 4 has been confirmed to have Mozilla’s anti-tracking feature hard coded into it.

This feature will allow Firefox 4 users to opt out of behavioural advertising, and will be released sometime this month.

The feature has been fine-tuned by Mozilla to allow tailoring of the application, meaning that there will be no problems with accessing commercial sites.

Google have also added a similar anti-tracking system to Google Chrome.

However, e-commerce sites have been highly against anti-tracking being built into web browsers, although the feature seems to be in high demand by the public.

Along with Google and Mozilla, Microsoft have also been looking into a tracking protection protocol for standard internet privacy.

In a blog post, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Internet Explorer, Dean Hachamovitch stated, “To protect consumers, having Tracking Protection work consistently across browsers is important. In December, we made the underlying format for Tracking Protection available under a Creative Commons Attribution licence and the Microsoft Open Specification Promise so that the same lists can work in other browsers.

“Since then, the premier web standards body, the W3C, has contacted us about standardising the format. We are taking the next steps with the W3C to standardisation.”

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