Nintendo president refuses to comment on the Sony NGP

February 2, 2011

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has refused to comment on the new PSP2, the NGP.

Iwata explains that he does not want to get into a war of words over the NGP, after previously making a joke about the Apple iPad.

Last year Iwata compared the new iPad to an overly large iPod touch, and he feels that journalists took this quote completely out of context in their write ups.

Iwata’s newest hand held console, the Nintendo 3DS is due to launch this March, however the new NGP will be a direct competitor and could very well steal its thunder in some areas.

Iwata has argued that it is not up to him, but up to the customers to decide between the NGP and the 3DS. However the following statement given to Nintendo’s investors, states the real reason for his lack of comments.

“You may feel that I should share at least my own personal impressions, I think it was at the same Financial Briefing we held this time one year ago that I was asked to share my impressions of iPad, which was announced shortly before our event. At that time, I said, ‘it felt like the introduction of a larger iPod touch,’ and my comment made the audience laugh. Because I was asked to do so, I just shared my honest first impression without any positive or negative inclinations at all.”

He then went on to say, “However, my first impression was somehow misinterpreted and spread as if the president of Nintendo had discredited iPad by calling it, “merely a bigger version of iPod touch.”

Iwata has explained that the market will not be restricted to just one gaming device, and that he is looking into perfecting the 3DS, rather then worry about rival products.


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  1. MagnusR says:

    CEO’s shying away from controversy as always.
    What happened to the honest “Does what nintendon’t”-days?
    Grow some balls and speak your mind, corporate big-wigs, it’s more fun!

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