After eleven years, the PS2 is still a hit

February 4, 2011

After eleven years of being on the market, the PlayStation 2 is still selling on the market, with Sony predicting to sell six million consoles by the end of the fiscal year.

With the constant growth of games consoles, eleven years can sound like along time, especially when you consider that in eleven years, Nintendo managed to bring out three home based games consoles.

The Nintendo Entertainment System (the NES), the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (the SNES), and the Nintendo 64 all emerged in an eleven year span, and once the N64 was released, production of the NES was put to a stop.

Although I am an fan of old school consoles, the release of the N64 was enough to stop people buying the NES, and eventually it stopped selling outright.

However, despite the fact that the PlayStation 3 has been out for five years now, the PlayStation 2 is still selling like wild fire. It even outsells PlayStation’s portable hand helds.

Unlike other outdated consoles, the PlayStation 2 has graphics up to date enough to still attract customers, and it is incredibly cheap to buy these days.

On top of that, the game library for the PlayStation 2 is enourmous, possibly even the largest game library to date, which includes a lot of classics including many of the Final Fantasy games.

With over $152 million sold, the PlayStation 2 has just about become the most successful gaming console in gaming history.


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