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February 5, 2011

ACS:Law closes down for good

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by Darren Allan

There’s been another twist in the saga of ACS:Law, the solicitors who were involved in chasing alleged illegal file-sharers. And this appears to be the final act in this particular tale…

It comes after the law firm announced last week that it would stop sending out threatening letters demanding up-front settlements to those accused of downloading copyrighted material.

Now ACS:Law has gone further than that, and shut up shop for good, TorrentFreak reports. Indeed, its piracy client Media CAT has also apparently closed down, according to a document which is apparently in the hands of TorrentFreak.

The move comes ahead of a ruling expected next week from the Patent County Court, where last week ACS:Law attempted to have 27 cases of illegal file-sharing it brought discontinued. Judge Birss will deliver his verdict on both firms, and whether it’s possible that defendants can claim damages from them, next Tuesday.

Consumer group Being Threatened told TorrentFreak that the timing of the companies closure “will be no coincidence, but while these actions may have been conceived as a damage limitation exercise, they will do nothing to appease Judge Birss who is already wise to the ‘twists and turns’ of this scheme and who is unlikely to let the duo’s plan work out quite as they perhaps intend.”

ACS:Law was also under investigation by the ICO after last September’s infamous data spillage. This was where the firm leaked at least 13,000 broadband users details while getting its website back online after a denial-of-service attack.

In theory the ICO can levy fines of up to £500,000, although whether this investigation can be continued now ACS:Law has been wound up is unclear.

Story link: ACS:Law closes down for good

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