Microsoft implements alias email addresses for Hotmail

Darren Allan

February 5, 2011

Microsoft has announced that it is introducing aliases for its webmail service.

Hotmail users can now have multiple email aliases from a single webmail account. This will allow them to more easily keep junk away from their primary email address, or to organise different types of email, without having to create multiple Hotmail accounts.

There’s already a facility in place in Hotmail to add a plus sign along with a descriptive word to vary your email address, but because your actual address is contained within this, it can still be quite feasible for junk bombers to get hold of it.

Hence the new alias feature, which lets you create completely different email addresses from your primary account.

Dharmesh Mehta, Director of Windows Live Product Management, gives an example of a typical usage on the Windows Live blog: “Let’s say you’re in the market for a new car. There are a bunch of websites that will email you price quotes, sales alerts, etc. During your car search, these messages are helpful, but once you’re done, they become clutter that can be difficult to stop.”

“By using an alias on these websites instead of your main email address, you can avoid this. And when you’re done, just turn the alias off, ensuring future unwanted messages that are sent to that alias don’t land in your inbox.”

Microsoft is giving Hotmail users the ability to create up to five aliases per year, up to a maximum of fifteen in total.


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