Sony NGP runs PS3 WipEout HD no sweat

Darren Allan

February 6, 2011

Apparently Sony’s PSP2, sorry, NGP (Next Generation Portable), can push pixels around with some considerable power and efficiency.

In fact, according to an article on EuroGamer, the NGP runs the full PS3 version of futuristic racer WipEout HD without breaking a sweat.

We’re taking full detail graphics, with all shader effects and no changes to the visuals, at 60 frames-per-second, just as the game runs on the PS3. A pretty impressive sounding level of grunt from the upcoming handheld.

EuroGamer’s anonymous source witnessed the game running full-tilt at a presentation for developers down at the Sony HQ in London. Apparently Sony also demo’ed Uncharted and Little Deviants on the NGP.

The possibilities for developers are obvious here. Sony is apparently ensuring only a single submission will be required for a game across PSN and NGP, encouraging companies to develop a title across both the PS3 and NGP formats.

However, Sony doesn’t want the cross-platform games to be identical, the source notes, with extras for the NGP expected to differentiate it.

Sony’s handheld will be available towards the end of 2011. However, Nintendo will have had a considerable jump on it with the 3DS, with is out March 25th.


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  1. Juice says:

    mmmmm Call of Duty, 3G Online, blutooth headset, in bed on the NGP, oh yea!

    Here’s how I see it….The 3DS will be fun for a little while, much like the Wii but then will fade from the users grip due to lack of good content. It will sell bucket loads because of said 3D and Ninty’s family orientated commercials which basically says mothers can game with their kids, ewwwww.

    When the NGP finally does come out, I can see a lot of people trading in their 3DSs for the new device, as in the same that a lot of folk will trade in their old DS for the 3DS.

    One thing that will be just as big as the 3DS will be the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Smart Phone, basically the PSP Phone (I wish they would just call it the PSPhone and I heard it’s coming OUT in APRIL) Do not underestimate this nifty little gadget. This will cut into sales of the 3DS and with Android on board, anything is possible.

    Although the 3DS and PSPhone can be labeled in different categories, they are still products that consumers want. If someone were to walk into a store without any prior knowledge of the ‘console wars’ and wanted to buy the latest thing, in the next few months, then the 3DS would be the way to go. Add the PSPhone into the mix and now that consumer will have a second choice of the ‘latest thing’. Then it comes down to price of device and price of the games and or software. Androidddd……

    In the end, all these hand-helds will succeed, I do not doubt that, who will come out on top out of the NGP and 3DS? most likely the 3DS, but! and it’s a huge but! there’s a dark horse running in this race and it’s called the Xperia Play, watch out.

  2. ZyokaSuigetsu says:

    @ #1
    Um, no. I don’t think the 3DS will. Nintendo knows how much casual games have cost them, losing their hardcore audience to Sony. That’s why the Big N is focusing on more third-party hardcore games like Dead or Alive, Resident Evil and Street Fighter. What happened with the Wii won’t happen with the 3DS.

    And everyone seems to always forget that the 3DS has its own hardware to look out for. 3D movies, built in MP3 Player, 3D camera, Augmented Reality, gyroscope motion sensors, and more.

    This will be better than the DS vs PSP brawl (DS won that without a challenge) - it could go either way this time.

  3. Kevin Butler says:

    WTF is the New Gaming Portable? You might aswell say NeoGeoPocket while you’re at it.

    On topic: I still play WipEout HD, got a lot more fun with the 3D update! :)

  4. cheesypoofsdontgiveafeck says:

    PSP2, all the way, I will be defo be a first day buyer….

    The new 3DS is sufficiently diffrent? than the last one to also be a buy but probably 2nd hand from Game.

  5. unix7071 says:

    the 3ds has been delayed to may darren allen go to ign

  6. #1Lakerfan says:

    I’m going with the NGP

    pre ordered mines at Gamestop 1/5/11

  7. Yorgo says:

    I was sweating to know that the price will be 499Euro.

    Just for you to know, this will be the price of the new sony handheld!!

  8. Savor says:

    PSP2’s secret weapon is PlayStation Suite. This not only opens up the PlayStation to the fastest growing OS in the world, but it gives the handheld more diversity in games since PSP2 looks to cover all types of gamers. Apple and many smartphones will cut away into Nintendo’s audience. Glass-free 3D screens and dual screen phones are already being introduced in smartphones. I think 3DS will sell like crazy early on, but then fade in the longer run. I know not everybody likes digital downloads right now, but I believe it is the future just like how it took over buying music. Faster, convenient, and more efficient. Multiple games stored on our devices and nothing gets lost or cluttered at home. Sony will have a jump on Nintendo with that area as well as online play. Foe every Nintendo innovation tries to do, they lag behind in many other areas. The casual games are EVERYWHERE now thanks to Nintendo. It is ironic that by pushing thse short attention span games, Nintendo loses some of its uniqueness. With Sony, they are covering all the bases. Even if 3D does win, Sony will just push their 3D TVs upon us. Sony doesn’t need to dominate gaming to be successful. They compete everywhere. Walkman now is second rate compared to iPod for portable music, but Sony still sells them.

  9. cheesypoofsdontgiveafeck says:

    499 euros? seems a bit steep, I thought they would have at least tried to compete with the 3ds, maybe sony knows it doesnt have too?

  10. shadow says:


    It can’t. Too expensive. Yet again, Sony has failed to understand how much people are willing to pay.

  11. David Pirtle says:

    I have owned a PSP and I have played around a lot with others’ DS’s but honestly I’ve enjoyed my ipod touch 4g more than either. If the A5 chip is as good as advertised and they squeeze it into an ipod 5g and the fifth generation iphone, you’ll see an even bigger chunk of the portable gaming market not bothering with Sony or Nintendo. iOS gaming was the gaming story of 2010. Its entirely download based, and its wide open for developers. Today with EA and a few other big game developers starting to get serious about making serious iOS games, I don’t know how you guys think this will be a two way battle.

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