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February 7, 2011

HTC Desire 2 rumours abound

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by Brian Turner

Rumours about the technical specs of the forthcoming HTC Desire 2 are building up, not least after different reports claiming to show photos of the device.

The HTC Desire 2 was just one of a number of new devices, including the HTC Pyramid, to show up on new inventory records from Vodfone Germany that were leaked to the internet.

While the inventory did not show any specs, some purportedly leaked images at androidforums.com and pocketnow.com comes with reports on possible details.

These include: Super AMOLED screen, Gingerbread 2.3.1 flavour of Android, and the handset itself as slightly smaller than the original Desire.

There are also suggestions that it supports 4 point multitouch, 1GB processor (potentially a dual core snapdragon), front facing camera, and possibly three microphones for noise cancellation.

What isn’t entirely clear, however, is whether HTC will actually use the name Desire 2 at all.

While images of the Vodafone Germany inventory clearly refer to a “Desire 2 HTC”, internally at HTC it is said to be referred to as the “Passion 2″ - after the HTC Desite had the project title of “Passion”.

And yet - while we have the HTC Pyramid and HTC Inspire on their way soon (we hope), there is another name being bandied around with photos - a so-called HTC Saga - which looks remarkably similar to the Desire 2.

Suggestions are being made that the Desire 2 and Saga are one and the same device.

Does this mean the Desire 2 will actually be called the Saga, or is even trying to name a successor to the successful Desire smartphone simply a saga?

Either way, we’ll just have to see what rolls out through official channels on the actual specs - and names.

In the meantime, let the speculation continue!

Story link: HTC Desire 2 rumours abound

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