Jules Verne tribute in Google Doodle

Brian Turner
Brian Turner -

Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea” is celebrated on today’s Google doodle - a fun animation that allows you to steer yourself down to the bottom of the sea bed.

Using a joystick lever on the right of the logo, you can roll left, right, up and of course - down. After descending through a background image comprising basic 3D animation elements, the Google logo reforms among the corals and sponges.

The doodle plays on elements of Jules Verne’s classic story, which featured Captain Nemo, and was published in 1870 - 140 years ago.

The doodle continues to expand on Google’s recent trend of using AJAX-driven animations, as opposed to the quirky static cartoons that defined the long line of original Google Doodle’s.

The coding trickery allows Google to show off not simply its processing power, but also provide fun and distracting animations that will no doubt give it a viral lead over Bing.com’s pretty background images - something Google briefly tried to copy.

In the meantime, for those looking to read more about the influential author Jules Verne, Wikipedia’s entry on the subject provides detailed background: Wikipedia: Jules Verne.

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