BBC iPlayer app for the iPad

February 9, 2011

It has recently been announced that the BBC iPlayer is going to be available as an application for the iPad, as of Thursday the 10th of February.

The news slipped out via Twitter, after it was posted by Interactive Operations Manager for the BBC, Geoff Marshall.

The message reads as follows, “iPlayer App for iPad is being released this Thursday-10th Feb. 3G connection is browse only. Browse+playback requires WI-FI.”

In another post, Geoff Marshall also mentions that the information was mentioned in a BBC briefing, and that the app is currently only being released for the iPad via the Apple App store.

No version of the app is mentioned regarding the iPhone or the iPod. This is a little strange due to the fact that the app would be much better suited for these devices.

After all, the iPad can access iPlayer without the need for an app. Go to the big screen iPlayer website via Safari, create a desktop link to it, and a page will open that masks the web browser. This is essentially the same as an app anyway.

The app is for the UK only at this moment in time, although there will be a subscription version available soon in the US.

It was originally announced last year in February that the BBC were creating an iPlayer app, however it is only now that it has appeared.


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