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February 9, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3′s release offers tons of pre order perks

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by Tom Coyne

Obsidian Entertainment and Square Enix have announced the official release date of Dungeon Siege 3, the action packed role play game.

The game is set to be released on May 31st 2011, and a large variety of retailer are adding in extras to offer in return for a customers pre order.

The majority of these pre order bonuses have been in appearing in the form of in-game bonuses, aimed at the big gamers and fans of the first two Dungeon Siege games.

Below are a few examples of these bonuses.

Amazon: Bite of Arakun – Grants the player the ability to poison enemies with lingering injury or soften their defences, leaving them vulnerable for follow-up attacks.

Best Buy: Sacred Heart of the Legion – Increases a player’s health and pushes close combat assailants back each time the bearer is struck in battle.

GameStop: Burning Band of Scorch – This exclusive pre order in-game ring increases the raw damage of a player’s attacks and sets all foes ablaze with any weapon.
Talisman of the Grand Mage – This exclusive pre order in-game necklace reduces incoming damage on the player and grants the ability to lash out with a mystical attack that injures enemies in close-range combat.

However, retailer Steam have gone for something completely different, and the best value for the pre order deal.

With Steam, you get both ‘Dungeon Siege’, and ‘Dungeon Siege 2′ for free. That’s two absolutely free digital game copies.

This deal only seems to be worth the money however, if you do not already own the first two games.

Walmart also offer a mini strategy guide for the game, as well as a Dark Horse comic with their offer.

Dungeon Siege 3 will be released for the PC, Xbox360, and the PlayStation 3, for an average price of £40.

Story link: Dungeon Siege 3′s release offers tons of pre order perks

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