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February 9, 2011

Mozilla roadmaps four new Firefox releases in 2011

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by Tom Coyne

Mozilla have updated their roadmap for Firefox, and it seems that we are to expect the release of Firefox 4, 5, 6, and 7 all in 2011.

The Firefox roadmap was updated on the 7th of February and is authored by Firefox director of development, Mike Beltzner.

The roadmap also gave mention to regular shipping goals, support for social software and applications, and improved design and functionality.

It seems that Mozilla have made these releases in reaction to the increased competition from Google Chrome.

Google have recently released Google Chrome version 9, and it seems to have reached a release schedule that has a new version of Chrome every few months now.

Mike Beltzner has stated, “We succeeded in re-energising the browser market, creating competition and innovation which benefits web application developers and users alike.

“This newly competitive market has presented challenges for the continued success of Firefox, and in 2011 we must ensure that we can deliver a product that is compelling to users in order to continue to demonstrate our vision for the web.”

Firefox 5 is said to include an account manager feature, a sharing user interface, and the ability to run in 64-bit. Firefox 6 will add web applications, and Java script optimisation.

Mozilla has claimed that it wishes to make improvements in web user experiences as a whole. “Our mission is to promote an open web platform which is the most compelling environment for modern applications,” said Beltzner.

Story link: Mozilla roadmaps four new Firefox releases in 2011

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