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February 9, 2011

The Korg Micro Piano

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by Tom Coyne

Korg have unleashed their newest addition to the Korg micro range, the Micro Piano.

The Korg Micro Piano is exactly what it sounds like, it is a fully functional, downsized version of a keyboard - however it bares a striking resemblance to a mini grand piano.

Being micro, the keys are rather small, making it a little difficult to play. Although, there are 61 of them, and each one has Korg’s natural touch technology built in.

Small keys or not though, the Korg Micro Piano really sounds like a full scale digital piano.

It has the ability to portray the sound of an electric piano, an organ, it has a few synth styles (although more would be preferred), and it can manipulate the sound of various other traditional instruments.

61 sounds are included with the Micro Piano. That’s a sound for every key, and each key can be used to short key a sound. There are also 40 songs slots to play back to yourself.

The main reason people are interested in the Micro Piano however is not the sound, but the look, with the being the main topic of conversation.

The lid can be propped up to reveal two speakers, controls, and a battery component.

The piano itself is black cased and hides connections and switches well if required.

The only real problem with the Micro Piano is its lack of inputs and outputs. It has a headphone mini jack, the power supply, and a damper pedal input. This means no USB, and no ports for MIDI.

The Korg Micro Piano is available for the price of £399.

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