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February 10, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate is out

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by Darren Allan

The Release Candidate (RC) of Internet Explorer has been, erm, released.

In other words, this is a feature complete version of the browser, although there’s still bug fixing to be done. We can expect the full IE9 to be out possibly as soon as next month.

If you want to take the RC for a spin, it’s up on Microsoft’s “beauty of the web” site for download now, in no less than 40 different languages.

Microsoft reckons that during beta testing of the browser, the company has taken into account and acted on some 17,000 pieces of feedback from users. The browser now needs a final polish.

IE9 RC promises to be much faster in loading web pages, with a tuned script engine, and sites such as Gmail and Office Web apps running much nippier as a result of “scenario tuning, network cache tuning, and new compiler optimizations.”

The Release Candidate has a smaller memory footprint than the beta, too, so should gobble up less of your precious resources.

Changes implemented due to user feedback include being able to place tabs on their own row below the address bar (not next to it), for those power-surfers who like to open a multitude of sites simultaneously.

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  1. Will MS ever get back into the browser game?
    Hell yes.
    Will i be using IE9?
    Hell no.
    3 words.
    Chrome. Firefox. Opera.

    Comment by NiNja — February 11, 2011 @ 7:24 pm

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