vBulletin reCaptcha hack spam IPs

Brian Turner

February 10, 2011

Last month we reported on how forums – such as vbulletin – that had been using the reCaptcha system were being flooded with spam, primarily through the use of Xrumer software.

If you haven’t done so already, then dropping reCaptcha and using vbulletin’s built in human verification manager to select a customer question and answer will help address the issue.

And if you have a forum you’ve left around on hold and not checked up on for a while, time to check whether you’ve been left with a big mess to clear up.

Anyway, one of our Techwatch honeypots has been compiling data on the most recent Xrumer flood of comment spam that circumvented reCpatcha protections, and here’s the list of offending spam IP’s we’ve registered to date – definitely worth considering blocking these, especially the worst offending IP blocks:


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