YouView won’t be seen until 2012

Darren Allan

February 10, 2011

YouView was supposed to be out around about now.

The subscription-free IPTV service backed by the Beeb (which used to be known as Project Canvas) should have been live in early 2011.

It was rumoured last month, by an article in the Telegraph, that the scheme’s launch date had slipped back into 2012, and indeed it seems that is the case.

Official confirmation of the delay has come through, according to the Guardian. The paper quotes Richard Halton, the CEO of YouView, as stating he wouldn’t “rush” the project.

He added: “Creating a truly open TV platform that will bring consumers increased choice has required significant technological innovation. Our timings for the launch reflect the scale and complexity of this project.”

Technical problems have apparently dogged the YouView set-top box. The senior TV exec who talked to the Telegraph last month complained that “it just doesn’t work when you turn it on and keeps crashing.”

Apparently, YouView backers haven’t managed to fully agree on technical standards with the Digital TV Group, either.

All of which means we’re now looking at early 2012 before you start viewing, although it could well slip again to later in the year, from the sounds of things.


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