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February 11, 2011

iPad 3 rumours run wild

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by Brian Turner

The iPad 2 has not even been formally announced, and yet speculation has already put rumours of an iPad 3 for Q3 2011.

Despite all the media frenzy, the entire source of the iPad 3 rumour is a single blogger - John Gruber - who simply provided a guess that Apple may launch another iPad range in the Autumn.

While he suggested we may see an iPad 3, he also suggested we may simply see an upgrade of the iPad 2 - whatever specs it is finally released with.

CNET now claims that rumours of an iPad Mini have long been going around, and that’s what we’ll be seeing instead.

And Techcrunch has launched rumours of a “major announcement” by Apple this Autumn.

The result is a dizzying array of speculation, rumour, and hype that becomes dangerous for the Apple brand - but, we’ve all been here before - seen it, done it, worn the T-shirt.

Apple fans are unlikely to be disappointed with any announcement from the company - it’s everybody else who thinks Apple are about to break new ground again who may be in for the real disappointment.

To be fair, it wasn’t long at all that Apple announced the iPad to an incredulous media, who thought the company had fallen over itself.

Now every PC manufacturer wants to be in the tablet market that Apple has essentially invented (despite Amazon long promoting its Kindle before that), and journalists are demanding to know the next Apple innovation.

Here at Techwatch Towers it seems obvious that Apple has different options available to it, and the pace of development in the mobile device market is astonishing: there’s always something better about to come out within a couple of months, whether we’re talking about tablets or smartphones.

With that, the CNET speculation may be the most reasonable speculation so far.

After all, Apple has basically turned the humble MP3 player into a iPhone with the phone - the iPod Touch.

A move to launch a mid-range product - in size terms between iPhone and iPad - would certainly seem like common sense.

Then again, with innovation and creation, common sense works only with hindsight.

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