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February 14, 2011

VIX team release 2.0 image for Vu+ Solo and Duo

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by Brian Turner

The VIX Team have launched a new image for Vu+ duo and solo satellite receivers, starting the version 2.0 series.

The new VIX 2.0 images are rewritten on the Open PLi 2.0 base, a departure from earlier images.

However, because it’s a completely new base, anyone looking to upgrade to the 2.0 series will need to do a full flash of their Vu+ box, and will not be able to upload settings from previous images.

While importing older image settings may still be possible, the VIX team warn that attempting to in testing resulted in so many problems that it’s not worth trying it, and recommend instead reconfiguring manually.

In terms of aesthetics, new features of the VIX 2.0 images includes a new set of logo screens - based on sleek chrome curves - as opposed to the “billiard balls” and lone oarsman in earlier ones.

There is also a wider range of stable skins.

In terms of functionality, though, there is an improved EPG, providing both single and quick versions, as well improved Quick Event info.

There’s also support for USB DTT, as well as improved audio and subtitle language selections.

While the VIX team images have been well received across the Vu+ community, there have been some important bugs I can only hope are addressed in the new 2.0 series.

For example, I hope at last the VIX 2.0 image allows my Vu+ Duo to do a proper manual scan for one - 1.1 and 1.3 both returned empty lists!

However, it’s appreciated that there may be bugs or user issues with any image, and it can only be good that the VIX team have spent so much time and effort rebuilding the new image on a platform with a potentially more friendly and accessible code base.

Story link: VIX team release 2.0 image for Vu+ Solo and Duo

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