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February 15, 2011

Google doodle commemorates Ernest Shackleton

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by Darren Allan

Google’s latest doodle marks the anniversary of the birth of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who was born 137 years ago.

Shackleton was an explorer particularly famous for his Antarctic expeditions. He went on Scott’s “Discovery” expedition at the turn of the twentieth century, and led his own “Nimrod” and “Endurance” expeditions in later years.

The latter ended in disaster when the ship was trapped by pack ice and eventually crushed, although Shackleton managed to engineer an escape so no lives were actually lost.

He died of a heart attack on his fourth Antarctic venture, aged just 47.

The doodle itself features a cold blue logo, with Shackleton making up the “L” of Google. An Antarctic scene is in the background, complete with tents and a ship moored in the distance.

This is the fourth doodle Google has implemented inside a week, a spike of activity for the search engine’s artists after a relatively quiet period over Christmas.

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