LG Optimus 3D dated and priced online

Darren Allan

February 18, 2011

The Optimus 3D, LG’s upcoming smartphone which does glasses-free 3D, has been dated and priced by an online retailer.

eXpansys, as is quite often the case, has been the first retailer to slap a price tag on a new gadget, and it’s a weighty one. £515, to be precise.

Although there’s no guaranteeing it will stay at that mark, and the price might drop a little depending on how competitive other outlets get. At any rate, we expected this handset to be expensive, so it’s no surprise.

The Optimus 3D comes with a 4.3 inch display and an 5 megapixel dual-lens camera. It can be used to both record and watch 3D video, or you can pipe it out to your 3DTV via an HDMI output.

The device also has a 1GHz dual-core processor and front-facing camera for video chatting, so the spec is an impressive one. Of course, a lot hinges on how impressive the smartphone’s three dimensional recording and rendering is.

The release date is pegged at April 25th by eXpansys, although a report on Electricpig.co.uk notes that some sources are claiming that the 3D blower won’t be out until May. We shall see – late April does sound like a bit of an educated guess.


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  1. danie says:

    its dual 5 mp camera not 8

  2. Darren Allan says:

    So it is, correction made. eXpansys had it listed as 8 megapixel on their product blurb, and a few other sources on the net it seems….

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