Dell roadmap shows Windows 8 tablet for 2012

Darren Allan

February 19, 2011

This is an interesting one, the scoop on Dell’s alleged future slate plans being got hold of by Android Central.

The website received Dell’s tablet roadmap going into 2012, leaked by a “very reliable tipster”, and it shows four Android tablets in the pipeline.

Apparently the Gallo Honeycomb powered tablet is due in April, and the Sterling (also Android 3.0) in October.

If that wasn’t enough for you, two further Android slates are pencilled in for early 2012, the Opus One and Silver Oak. Again, both are listed as Honeycomb, although we’d expect there’ll be an improved tablet version of Android out by that time.

What’s really interesting is that tucked away at the bottom is a tablet named Peju which is listed as running Windows 8, and due out in the first quarter of 2012.

Does this mean the successor to Windows 7 is due to make an appearance as soon as next year? It’s a possibility, although it does seem rather too quick given the fact that Microsoft hasn’t divulged a whisper about Windows 8 yet. And Windows 7 took a good few years to put together itself.

The Inquirer speculates that it could be some sort of interim version of Windows, designed especially for tablets. Again, it’s a possibility.

Or it could be a misprint, or someone at Dell having a bit of fun. If Windows 8 is indeed looming, or some kind of new Windows for tablets, we’ll no doubt hear about it soon enough.


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