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February 19, 2011

Google doodle celebrates anniversary of Constantin Brâncusi

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by Darren Allan

Another Google doodle has been posted up, as the virtual nibs of the Mountain View artists can’t seem to stop scratching away these days.

This one commemorates the day Constantin Brâncusi was born, a Romanian sculptor who came into this world 135 years ago.

Brâncusi was a modernist sculptor who came from a poor peasant background, starting life as a shepherd.

Some of his most famous works include “Sleeping Muse” and “The Kiss”, two block-like figures joined in a passionate embrace. Both of these are displayed on the doodle, the former representing the second O of the logo, and the latter is on the far right as the E.

The L of the Google logo is a bird feather, part of his “Bird in Space” series of sculptures.

He also enjoyed producing large towering structures of shapes such as “The Endless Column”, which is, as you could probably guess, a pretty big column; 30 metres high rather than endless, though.

Brâncusi is known for trying to represent essence rather than outward form with his work. He also grew a pretty impressive beard.

This is the fifth doodle Google has unveiled in just two weeks, a marked spate of activity for the search engine.

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  1. During his time working in Paris from 1904, Brancusi mixed with a vibrant artistic community and was encouraged by French sculptor Auguste Rodin. His circle of friends included Pablo Picasso, Man Ray and Henri Rousseau.

    Brancusi revolutionised sculpture by introducing abstraction to the art form, and his influence on sculpture was rated as significant as Picasso’s paintings were to the development of modern art.

    Working with a variety of material, including marble, limestone, bronze and wood, his sculptures have gone on to set records at auction.

    Danaide set the high mark at $18million in 2002, surpassed three years later by the $27.45million paid for Bird In Space - the sculpture used to make the ‘l’ of the Google Doodle. In 2009 Madame L.R. fetched an extraordinary $37.1million.

    Comment by Marius — February 19, 2011 @ 1:35 pm

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