BT fibre leaves out up to 60% of street cabinets?

Darren Allan

February 21, 2011

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When you see that your exchange has been marked as underway for upgrading to BT’s 40Mbps fibre-to-the-cabinet, don’t jump for joy too early.

It seems that the roll-out of BT’s fibre is more patchy than we thought, according to an article by PC Pro.

The magazine has investigated the roll-out in its next issue (number 199), and states that the telecoms company can skip up to 60% of street cabinets when it comes to deploying fibre.

This is, of course, dependent on the area in question. Stuart Watson of Zen Internet told PC Pro: “BT Openreach describes an exchange as in progress if there are ten cabinets live, but there could be 70 or 80 or more cabinets in that area – customers are seeing when their exchange is enabled but not when their cabinet is going to be, or even if it’s going to be upgraded, because only about 40% or 50% of cabinets in a given area are scheduled or are likely to be upgraded.”

“BT needs to make it clearer what an enabled exchange means, make clear that a roll-out can take place over three, four or five months and make clear that just because an exchange is enabled the actually coverage in that area could be 40% or 50%.”

All good points. BT replied that they aim for a maximum of coverage within “technical and commercial parameters”, and that on average they reached 85% of an exchange area. Which would seem to suggest that those locations left with just 50% coverage would be few and far between.

Let us know your experiences with BT fibre roll-out and coverage levels in the comments below.


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  1. Laurie says:

    I’ve been trying to find out for about 6 months why BT announced my town has 40Mb broadband, but only today they told me the cabinet does not have it. Seems a marketing gimmick by BT to announce its “roll out” without actually explaining to people what this means, i.e. we still cant get it. It would be a lot better if they announce its release when the cabinets are enabled.

  2. Lord of the West says:

    We live near Truro on the Devoran exchange. We were first told our exchange would be TFFC by 31.03.2011. Then they brought it forward to 11.03.2011. Now it’s 30.06.2011. Upon checking the site called samknows it shows some areas as FTTC. What on earth is going on and why are there not dedicated information updates from BT about each exchange. It’s messy to say the least and calling BT on the phone just connects to India!

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