Microsoft to release Windows SDK for Kinect

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Microsoft has seen the light, and has announced it will release a Windows software development kit for its Kinect motion controller.

Of course, enterprising hackers have already hooked the motion sensor up to PCs for various novel ends, and this is Microsoft’s acknowledgement of the further possibilities the device may have beyond gaming on the Xbox.

The company announced the SDK on the Microsoft Research page (spotted by Gamers Hell), to “encourage the creativity” and help realise the potential seen for Kinect by the “academic research and enthusiast communities”.

The SDK will be non-commercial, and it should be released pretty soon, this spring in fact.

Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, commented: “Microsoft’s investments in natural user interfaces are vital to our long-term vision of creating computers that are intuitive to use and able to do far more for us.”

“The fruits of these research investments are manifesting across many of our products, Kinect for Xbox 360 among them.”

Apparently a commercial version will be released at a later date, and this free SDK will be a starter kit to make it easier for enthusiasts to create UIs using Kinect technology.

Microsoft stated: “The SDK will give users access to deep Kinect system information such as audio, system application-programming interfaces, and direct control of the Kinect sensor.”

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