Xperia Play and LG Optimus 3D on pre-order at

Darren Allan

February 22, 2011

Good news for those of you itching to get your hands on Sony Ericsson’s gaming smartphone, or LG’s three dimensional offering.

Both the Xperia Play and Optimus 3D are now up for pre-order on, as spotted by Android Central.

So the big question is, what prices have been slapped on these handsets? If you want the so-called PlayStation phone, with its slide-out gamepad, then you’re looking at a pretty hefty £520 outlay.

Which makes the price of a handheld such as the Nintendo 3DS look positively bargain basement. Obviously, that’s not a fair comparison, as you are getting an Android Gingerbread phone with the Xperia Play, as well. But it’s still something of an eye-waterer.

The LG Optimus 3D is pitched at an almost identical level, just a fiver cheaper at £515. The attraction here is the 1GHz dual-core processor, and 5 megapixel dual-lens camera, with full 3D recording and playback, and an HDMI out to display it on your 3DTV.

According to, the release date of the Xperia Play is March 28th, and the Optimus 3D is due a month later on April 25th. That tallies with the release schedule we’ve heard previously.


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