Samsung Omnia Windows Phone 7 update woes

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

It seems that the first Windows Phone 7 update which began rolling out yesterday is causing some problems with Samsung Omnia handsets.

The update is just a minor one – not the beefy affair which is inbound soon, with the much-missed copy and paste facility. All this one does is upgrade the WP7 software update process itself.

But you might want to leave downloading it (via your PC or Mac) for a little while yet if you’re an Omnia owner, as some people have reported issues with freezing up their phone mid-process.

Neowin reports that some users are seeing the update process get stuck and fail, and a small number of folks (five people the report states) have reported a bricked phone.

The Windows Phone Support team on Twitter is advising, for those stuck mid-update, to: “Try removing the battery for 1 min and trying again. If that doesn’t work then we suggest a hard reset on the device.”

Then it’s best to leave the upgrade, for now, until Microsoft has had a chance to investigate whatever is causing this issue.

Whether or not this flaw has hit home on other phones besides the Omnia, we’re not sure, but let us know if you’ve had trouble on your handset.

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