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February 24, 2011

Apple iPad 1.5 due out next week, not iPad 2?

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by Darren Allan

Currently the Apple rumour mill is spinning like nobody’s business, the latest speculation surrounding what exactly is being unveiled next Wednesday.

If you’ve missed this, the Cupertino company has announced that it will be launching something special next week, and with a big 2 emblazoned on the invites, everyone is naturally expecting the iPad 2.

But a report on iLounge claims its sources are saying that Apple might be unveiling an iPad 1.5, rather than an actual iPad 2. They say the true sequel to the iPad might not follow until the end of 2011, when production can be put into gear, and the model just about to be announced is an interim tablet.

The iPad 1.5 would be an incremental update that simply adds a front-facing camera and refines the design slightly.

iLounge states that these inside sources give a few scenarios of what Apple is potentially up to: The company might release the “iPad 1.5” now and call it the iPad 2. To great disappointment, we’d imagine, given that most people are expecting more than just a camera bunged on from the iPad sequel.

Or Apple could hold off a few months and release something better – or hold off a few months and release the iPad 1.5.

iLounge notes: “The sources strongly believe that Apple cannot possibly ship enough truly ‘new’ iPads to meet a late March or early April release date.”

This all sounds a bit fishy to us. Apple is hardly likely to release the next iPad in a few months, because surely that would clash with the iPhone 5 on the company’s schedule. To release a new iPad and iPhone near enough simultaneously, and expect folks to buy both, would appear to be a bit of a daft move.

Time will tell, but this appears to be a case of the rumour mill spinning so fast that everyone’s getting a bit giddy.

Story link: Apple iPad 1.5 due out next week, not iPad 2?

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