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February 25, 2011

Virgin Media looking into sluggish broadband speeds

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by Darren Allan

Virgin Media recently super-sized its XL broadband package from 20Mbps to 30Mbps.

The 50% speed increase could be had by existing customers as well as new ones, although they had to pay an upgrade fee of £30 for activation and a new router, the SuperHub3.

Although it appears this switch up a gear has been causing problems for some Virgin fibre customers, a report on Uswitch.com notes.

A number of those who have upgraded to the SuperHub and have previously had a consistent near-20Mbps have found that their real world speeds have dropped to lower than this level.

Complaints on Virgin’s forums have seen the device dubbed the “Super ‘mega-blooper’ Hub”.

One customer stated: “There are clearly serious problems with the WiFi on the ‘Super’ hub. Measured with an Ethernet connection, I get a fairly constant 30Mb/s throughput. At my PC, with an ‘excellent’ (-50dB) signal level, the throughput is extremely variable but often less than 10Mb/s, despite careful optimisation.”

“Disabling the radio and using my previous Netgear WNR2000 plugged into an Ethernet socket, the throughput is still a little variable but is around 27Mb/s. For the test both routers were located in the same position with identical settings. The WNR2000 produced a similar, but very slightly higher, signal level to the Super hub.”

Virgin told Uswitch.com that it was actively investigating these reports.

The company said most subscribers remained unaffected, and that “testing is underway, and we expect to resolve the issue by a firmware update which will be automatically pushed out to SuperHub users as soon as a fix has been confirmed.”

Story link: Virgin Media looking into sluggish broadband speeds

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  1. i strongly feel the 10 mb internet package (large) is due for a free upgrade to the 20mb speed because most isp are giving this speed as standard now for less tha the price virginmedia are charging us to use a much slower speed package!!!

    now granted those isps providing the 20 mb service for less than virgins 10mb service usually have a download limit of 5gb i feel i would be happy with this 5gb cap and for those who are not are allowed to keep the old 10gb speed

    i would sacrifice my unlimited package for a 10gb increase in speed i rarely use more than 1gb a month.

    or maybe an extra £2 a month on top of the large price to maintain your unlimited limits

    after all 10mb in speed is a huge difference

    i know we was upgraded for free from 1mb to 10 mb not so long ago but by this time many isps were giving out 20mb speeds for the same price as standard long before our free upgrade

    Comment by damion — February 26, 2011 @ 1:59 am

  2. swap of course were i have placed 10gb speed for 10mb speed, this maybe the future speeds (20 years) but wev a way to go yet

    Comment by damion — February 26, 2011 @ 2:00 am

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