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February 26, 2011

HTC ChaCha under fire from lawsuit

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by Darren Allan

When we first heard the name of the HTC ChaCha, we thought it was a terrible moniker for a smartphone.

Even worse than last year’s Toshiba Tablet, perhaps, which carried the deathly dull name of the Folio 100.

Anyway, it seems the ChaCha is an awful name for more than one reason, because the choice has actually landed HTC in trademark hot water.

There’s already a ChaCha brand out there, a question and answer search engine, and they aren’t too pleased with HTC’s upcoming handset.

The outfit has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against HTC, PCMag.com reports. ChaCha claims that the name of HTC’s handset may confuse users of the website, and make them think the phone and site are linked in some way.

In actual fact, the HTC ChaCha is linked closely with a website – social networking service Facebook, which it features a dedicated one-touch access button for.

The phone is expected to be released in June, although whether it will have to undergo a name change, we shall have to see. Thus far, HTC doesn’t appear to have made any response to the suit.

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