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February 26, 2011

Shift 2: Unleashed realism trailer released

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by Darren Allan

A new trailer has been unveiled for the upcoming Shift 2: Unleashed racing game from EA, which is due out on April 1st.

The trailer is entitled “Authenticity and Realism”, and in it the developer shows off the realistic racing the new driving game will apparently offer.

A number of real-life drivers have been brought in to tweak individual areas of car handling, such as Vaughn Gittin Jr who helped refine the drifting experience.

The game’s intricate physics are also highlighted, as is the helmet cam, which provides an authentic first-person view that includes head wobble, and touches such as the driver looking towards the apex when entering a turn.

Again, when drifting, the driver’s head will shift to look out the side window to see where he’s going, just as he would in real life.

It certainly seems like Shift 2 has captured something of a raw racing feel, and we’re definitely intrigued and looking forward to taking this one out for a spin. It should be very interesting to see how it stacks up against Forza and Gran Turismo in the realism stakes.

Watch the trailer yourself at the official Shift 2: Unleashed website.

Story link: Shift 2: Unleashed realism trailer released

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