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February 27, 2011

Mastertronic to bring Alien Breed Trilogy to Xbox

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by Darren Allan

Mastertronic is set to bring the full Alien Breed Trilogy to retail for the Xbox 360.

Developed by Team 17, the games have been published on Xbox Live and PSN previously, along with downloadable versions for the PC.

They’re actually remakes of the original nineties Alien Breed which first reared its slimy human-chomping head on the Amiga.

The three games are Alien Breed: Evolution, Alien Breed 2: Assault, and Alien Breed 3: Descent. It’s just you, a spaceship, your flame-thrower, and a horde of chitinous black skittering horrors (that’s certainly what the first game is like, we haven’t played the others, mind).

No price has been announced yet, just a retail release date, which is March 18th.

Story link: Mastertronic to bring Alien Breed Trilogy to Xbox

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