Apple iPad 2 coming in white?

Darren Allan

February 28, 2011

The iPad 2 launch is happening on Wednesday, and another mildly interesting bit of rumour has hit the net. Apple could be showing off a white version.

Yes, iPhone fans may scoff. They may embark on several banquets worth of scoffing, in fact, given that the fourth incarnation of the iPhone still doesn’t have a snowy version out on the shelves.

But it seems that 9 to 5 Mac has got hold of snaps of a second-gen iPad with a white frame, which you can see here.

Given all the talk of interim tablets and stop-gap iPad 1.5s of last week, we’re hoping that this won’t be the major revelation for the new version of the tablet.

“The new iPad… It’s thinner – and white!”
“Anything else?”
“Really white!”

At any rate, all will be revealed in San Francisco, the day after tomorrow.


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