Final Mozilla Firefox 4 beta is released

Darren Allan

March 1, 2011

Firefox 4 Beta 12 has just been unleashed, along with the news that it will be the final beta client before the browser is released for real.

If you want to test out the next generation of Firefox, then you can grab the beta here.

According to the Mozilla Blog, this version delivers improved performance when watching videos on the web.

It also provides better compatibility for add-ons. Mozilla notes: “We are working closely with the community of add-on developers to ensure their Firefox add-ons are ready to customize the features, look and functionality of Firefox 4 Beta.”

The Mozilla team has apparently fixed in excess of 7,000 bugs since the first beta release of Firefox 4.

Firefox slipped slightly in the browser wars last year, dropping around 2% of market share, going by Net Application’s statistics. This ground was lost to newcomer Chrome, which also pushed Internet Explorer’s market share down tellingly.

Firefox is still the clear holder of second place in the browser battle, mind you, and Mozilla will be hoping version 4 can stop the rot which has been setting in. IE9 will be out too, of course, and that won’t make matters any easier.


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  1. Anthony says:

    “IE9 will be out too, of course, and that won’t make matters any easier.”

    IE9 is out and its not bad. I want Firefox 4, I thought it was going to be a February release.

  2. Darren Allan says:

    IE9 isn’t officially out yet - the release candidate is, but the full client isn’t. It’s expected at some point this month.

    Hopefully Firefox 4 will be out this month, too - although that will have a release candidate as well, before the finished version is unleashed. Which probably means we’ll have to wait until April for FF4….

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