Google apologises for Gmail outage caused by bug

Darren Allan

March 1, 2011

Google’s VP of Engineering and Site Reliability Czar, Ben Treynor, has posted some more information on the problem which hit thousands of Gmail users at the weekend, wiping their accounts.

Apparently the issue was caused by a storage software bug which ravaged several copies of Gmail data. Google has had to resort to tape back-ups to restore the data to the affected accounts, which is why the process has taken so long.

The number of affected users has been revised downwards to 0.02%, just under 40,000, from the figure of 0.08% which was mentioned yesterday.

Treynor said that Google was “very sorry” for the outage, and added that: “Though it may take longer than we originally expected, we’re making good progress and things should be back to normal for everyone soon.”

If you’ve been hit by this, you won’t have lost anything from your inbox or contacts as it was before the problem began on Sunday.

However, any emails sent to your address between Sunday evening and the time of your account being restored likely won’t be in your inbox – senders will have received a notification that their message wasn’t delivered.


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