Dead Xbox LIVE gamer tags will be reborn

March 4, 2011

Microsoft have announced that previously registered Xbox LIVE gamer tags that have been classed as ‘dead’, will soon become available once again.

In other words, older gamer tags are now being recycled, so all those times you’ve thought up a really cool gamer tag but it was already taken, well it could very well become available again soon.

The process of reviving old gamer tags may take a long while, but it has been a long time coming, and tags are currently getting revived daily.

There is no doubt that millions of dead gamer tags are out there, waiting for revival. This is more or less a definite, as most of the dead tags are from the original Xbox LIVE era, which was launched in 2002.

That is a full 9 years of Xbox LIVE, therefore a lot of gamers will have come and gone through out the years.

Whether the available tags are from people who upgraded to a new Xbox and left their old tag behind, people who changed console entirely, or people who just decided to change their tag for the sake of changing it, there is bound to be plenty about.

It hasn’t been stated as to how long a gamer tag has to go on unused until Microsoft classes it as dead, but Major Nelson plans on discussing the topic further on this weeks podcast.

It is worth noting however that this weeks podcast episode is yet to go live. You can download the podcast at the official site,

Users will be able to change their gamer tags for 800 Microsoft points on Xbox LIVE, unless of of course you are new to Xbox LIVE. Act soon though so your desired gamer tag doesn’t get taken again.


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