Facebook could evolve even further by next year

March 4, 2011

According to the Commercial Director for Facebook in the UK, Stephen Haines, Facebook will continue to evolve, changing it’s main layout, as well as other factors such as advertising.

A keynote in TFM&A, the UK’s largest digital marketing event, explained this fact, as well as confirming that half of the UK’s population now use Facebook regularly.

Of course, Facebook has never been one to take its time in changing the tweaks in it’s design, creating an easier to use layout, a simpler way to chat, and now most recently, the redesign of the ‘like’ button.

Stephen Haines stated, “There have been eight iterations of the main Facebook design over the last few years… and it will look different in a year”.

In the statement made by Haines, he went on to boast about Facebook’s current success, showing impressive figures on brands official pages. For instance, the official Starbucks page on Facebook has 21.1 million users, whereas the actual Starbucks website only has 1.8 million visitors.

Haines also talked about social advertising on Facebook, saying “There’s a 68 per cent increase in recall when an ad has a social context”. He then suggested that ads with a poll are the most popular.

In order to keep deals with various brand stores, Haines has suggested that one big change that users could see, is the offer to buy branded store goods online.

Facebook is now on the rise for display advertising. Facebook’s share of ads are said to rise to nearly 22.6 percent of its total revenue, according to eMarket research.


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