PlayStation Home hits 19 million users

March 4, 2011

Sony announced at the Game Developers Conference, that the PlayStation virtual network, ‘PlayStation Home’, has reached up to 19 million users.

PlayStation Home is a social space designed for the PlayStation 3, and a new version of it is due to be released by Sony this Spring.

The figure given by Sony for PlayStation Home accounts for every user who has downloaded the service, and has logged in at least once. The figure has risen by 7 million since March 2010.

Since the figures only account for people who have logged in at least once, It is not clear how many of those who downloaded Home are actually using it on a regular basis but the Sony executive claimed that a racing game launched on the platform known as Sodium, has been played by 1.6 million players over six weeks.

Jack Buser, the boss of PlayStation Home, has said that since its inception in December 2008, PlayStation Home has seen a surge of people buying virtual products.

The amount of virtual products bought was raised up by 110 per cent last year, while the 230 games available have been boosting the average time spent on PlayStation Home up to one hour and ten minutes.

The new version of PlayStation Home is called ‘PlayStation Home 1.5’.

PlayStation Home 1.5 will allow developers interested in PlayStation Home, to create their own first person shooter games, and even something that Sony has described as MMO lite.

Jack Buser claims that the platform is “Evolving from a social network into a world class gaming platform”.


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