Super Mario 3DS revealed

March 4, 2011

Today, Nintendo president and CEO, Saruto Iwata unveiled the new Super Mario game, ‘Super Marion 3DS’.

The news was received via Saruto Iwata’s on going GDC keynote. Most Nintendo news thus far has been revealed on the keynote.

The game is currently under development by Super Mario Galaxy’s development team. The Developers are responsible for Wii’s hit games, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Iwata has shown images of the new Mario game, along with a tailed logo. All in all, the game seems quite similar to Super Mario Galaxy in design, but of course with a lack of stars and planets.

Rumours have speculated that due to the design of the logo, the design may be taking a cue from Super Mario Bro’s 3. This rumour mainly derives from the tail that flicks off the end of the logo, and it is said that it may be a sign of the return of the famed Tanooki suit.

Iwata has stated, “Since 1996, when Mario appeared in 3D in Super Mario 64, it’s always been hard for players to judge how to jump and hit a block floating in a 3D space.”

He went on to say, “Miyamoto said to me, ‘Finally the day has come when we can solve this.’”

It is said that in this new game, Mario will actually run into the screen and strike the blocks that are floating in the air, therefore fixing this problem.

Nintendo’s official release said, “The announced 3D Super Mario game will feature traditional Mario game play and will fulfil the dream of Nintendo video game designer and Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, to bring true depth and distance into the game’s mechanics”.

No release date has been announced for Super Mario 3DS as of yet.


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