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March 6, 2011

Microsoft to rid the world of IE6 with countdown site

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by Darren Allan

A decade ago, the sixth version of Internet Explorer was born.

And today, Internet Explorer 6 is still hanging about like a bad smell. One which Microsoft is trying to get rid of with some liberal air doses of air freshener, and a new IE6 countdown web page.

The IE6 countdown is Microsoft’s way of saying goodbye to the rusty old browser. Its aim is to monitor the usage levels of IE6 across the globe, willing them to drop below 1%, so “more sites can drop support… saving hours of work for web developers.”

And less headaches for MS, too. The site’s breakdown of Internet Explorer 6 usage shows that 12% of the world is still running the ancient browser. It’s most prevalent in the far east.

Microsoft makes several recommendations for how folks can help its cause in ridding the world of IE6, including displaying a “You are using an outdated browser” banner for websites.

Many high ranking websites have already implemented this, and MSN is apparently launching upgrade notifications soon.

What of the many businesses which are still using IE6? Roger Capriotti, Director of Internet Explorer Product Marketing, commented: “We know that many IE6 users are on the older browser because it’s at their workplace. We’ve put together some resources for IT pros to help understand the business value of moving off IE6 and are delivering to them the tools to help them navigate the process.”

Story link: Microsoft to rid the world of IE6 with countdown site

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