Mortal Kombat Fatalities video on Youtube

March 6, 2011

A shaky, camera snatched, low budget video from the new Mortal Kombat video game has managed to find its way onto Youtube, showing various fatalities from the upcoming game.

The video was taken in NetherRealm Studio’s, from what appears to be a demonstration of the new game. Although the video starts off looking rather genuine, it eventually zooms out from the screen to reveal members of NetherRealm Studio’s looking on at a television screen.

In the video, we get to witness first hand, multiple gruesome fatalities from famous characters such as Mileena (her fatality is actually a rather messed up one), Cyrax, Kung Lao, Night Wolf, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Sektor. Towards the end of the video it also shows a flawless victory ending, taking advantage of the games terrain.

The fatalities from this new game truly put the old games to shame, with multiple fatalities for every character, ranging from the brutal, to the comedic, to the just plain twisted.

Each character makes use of their unique weaponry and special abilities, to make their fatalities more character orientated, such as Kung Lao’s hot, or Cyrax’s homing lasers, or Sub-Zero’s ability to control ice.

The game itself is set to launch in April, however a demo will be available on March the 9th for PlayStation Plus.

Needless to say that after watching the fatalities video, you’ll know that this game is going to be a bloody one. The video is available to watch on Youtube.


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  1. jtchort says:

    Link to said video or it didn’t happen.

  2. Brian Turner says:

    Here’s some :)

  3. jtchort says:

    Old footage is old.

  4. jtchort says:

    Old video is old and these people are a sham.

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