Xbox survey: gamers spending £63 a month

March 6, 2011

Microsoft have now revealed that Xbox 360 gamers in the UK alone, spend up to an average of £63 a month on new game titles. The information was revealed via a survey.

The survey was conducted by Microsoft themselves, and was reported on MCV. It questioned a sample amount of 251 people aged between 25 and 34.

Out of all those questioned, 13 per cent confessed to spending up to £100 a month or more. For a lot of people, that’s over 10 per cent of their average monthly pay check.

Microsoft Advertising’s head of research for data and analytics, Julie Forey, told MVC the following about the survey: “Compared against the average male, gamers represent an attractive proposition for marketers,”

“Earning a higher wage, being advocates of premium goods and over half playing for more than three hours each day, this provides firms with a profile from which they can base their message.”

It was also revealed that the more hardcore gamers, on average play up to seven different games in one month, in three or four separate sessions. It was then revealed that 41 per cent of gamers play for four hours a day.

The survey has officially proven that the Xbox 360 has become a huge success for Microsoft, despite it’s original flaws.

The Xbox 360 has now managed to build am impressively large community of gamers around itself, who are more then willing to spend their hard earned cash on this months top games.

Of course, with Microsoft actually conducting the survey themselves, some figures could be exaggerated, although this is doubtful.


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