Spotify reaches one million paying subscribers

Darren Allan

March 8, 2011

Spotify has hit one million subscribers. Not literally, of course – that would be crazy, not to mention an insane amount of effort – but there are now a million people paying to listen to streaming music on Spotify.

Spotify reached a million users almost two years ago to the day, on March 2nd 2009 – that was including those listening to their freebie service, of course. A million paying subscribers is a bigger achievement, certainly in terms of keeping the outfit going.

Spotify wrote on its blog page: “From everyone at Spotify, we’d like to give you all massive thanks. We’ll continue to focus on providing you with the best music service possible, and look forward to adding even more cool new features over the coming months. What’s really exciting is that this is only the beginning.”

In total, Spotify now has 10 million users – well, actually that was last September, so possibly coming on for 11 million now. The total amount of tracks on Spotify is also 10 million, about one for every listener.


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