Super-thin Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 revealed

Darren Allan

March 9, 2011

Samsung is set to produce another model of its Galaxy Tab to sit between the original 7 inch version, and the 10 inch tablet announced at MWC last month.

The compromise 8.9 inch tab will be more portable than the full-sized iPad rival, and Samsung isn’t to be outdone by Apple’s iPad 2, because the Tab 8.9 could actually be thinner than the new slimline Apple tablet.

Engadget spotted an official Samsung teaser promo for the Tab 8.9, which states that the slate will be launched on March 22nd in Orlando.

And the image provided on the teaser is a telling one – a headphone jack on the side of the tablet has a slight bulge around it (see the picture here), suggesting that the Tab 8.9 is just as thin as the iPad 2. Maybe even slightly slimmer.

We’ll have to wait for the official reveal to find out, but this comes after comments about the iPad 2′s slick and slim design making Samsung rethink the Tab 10.1. Comments, we might add, which were quickly retracted.


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  1. Matt says:

    Apple will always rule! They will always be one step ahead! Besides they are the ones inventing this stuff not just copying it. Their software and hardware is intwined and made to work seamless with each other. Not just a operating system thrown together on a bunch of different machines, all of which were rushed to the market as fast as possible because of the growing demand for the Ipad. When will you realize people, Apple have been doing this stuff since the 70′s. Before a lot of you were even born!

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