Google pushes out Chrome 10

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

A new version of Google’s web browser has been launched this week.

Chrome 10 is out three weeks after the beta was released, and has been polished up considerably since then (we would hope).

So what’s new? The obligatory performance boost for starters, with a new JavaScript engine which gives a 66% speed boost in one benchmark suite, Google claims.

To make Chrome easier to use, a new settings menu has been introduced, which opens up as an actual tab within the browser window. This also has a search box, so users can type in the setting they want to adjust, and get taken automatically to it without having to trawl through menus of options.

As well as saving online passwords in your browser, you can now sync these across to different computers.

Sandboxing has also been introduced to Chrome’s built-in Flash player, which essentially gives users an extra layer of security when it comes to possible malware transmitted via Flash.

Google posted on its Chrome blog page: “We hope that Chrome’s speed, simplicity and security will continue to make your daily life on the web more enjoyable.” You can grab the browser here, or if you’re already a Chrome user, you should be automatically updated soon.

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